During its operation, Calortec Oy has supplied over 100 boiler plant projects on turn-key basis. We are especially focusing on district heating boiler plants projects, which are more demanding technically.

Boiler plant projects are put into practice with heating experts with years of experience in producing boilers and boiler plants.

Besides skilled personnel and high quality components, Calortec Oy is following ISO 9001 Quality Management System in its operation to ensure that the demands of the Customer will be fulfilled. Also environmental issues are taken into account, both in product development and in other fields of operation.

Our workshop locates in Uusikaupunki, in west coast of Finland.


Our only and essential goal is The Happy Customer.

Each project will begin from blank white paper, which is filled with Client´s needs and requirements individually tailor-made.

Also the standards, norms and local conditions of the destination country must be taken into account in every project.

Calortec Oy Betorantie 33, 23500 Uusikaupunki

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